Don Humes: Developing the Light Gas Gun. NASA Langley CRGIS

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この映像にみえる、おじいちゃんが1人で頑張る風景! 昔の1980年代の機械の開発風景そのままなんですよ。こつこつと部品を削り出し組立てる。組立てて試射して写真を残す。残した写真を帳面に貼り付けて実験記録を毎日記載する。格好いい。壁際の書庫に結果を収めたファイルが増えていくのだ。



Don Humes: Developing the Light Gas Gun


2013/01/14 に公開

This is an interview with NASA Langley retired researcher Donald Humes. Don was involved with research on the possible effects of meteors and other space debris on space craft. His research started when little was known of meteoroid protection. It was not until years later that Mr. Humes saw actual craters on space craft and was able to correlate his research with the reality of debris striking satellites and other space craft.

Research at the time used a light gas gun. These proved to be very expensive and did not meet the speeds required for meteor studies. Don was instrumental in developing a small gun with projectiles reaching the required speeds. This interview covers his work and views of the gun that he developed.

For more on the NASA Langley facility where this work was conducted, see